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Recording Recording

Sound recording is getting an acoustic sound perfectly signal into you DAW. This is done by recording all instruments separately in an acoustically treated environment with multiple microphones.

Mixing Mixing

Think of mixing as putting the puzzle together. You’re putting together the parts of what you have recorded, making sure everything hangs together right, and putting some finishing touches on things.

Mastering Mastering

Mastering can be loosely defined as the fine-tuning of levels and equalization of a track, preparing it for replication and broadcast.

Playthrough Video Playthrough Video

Show off what you have recorded with a video playthrough, recorded with professional cameras in Full HD and uploaded onto all social media and Youtube.

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Latest News

17 February

Grotium Debut Gig

Posted in News

Upcoming rock and heavy metal band Grotium, also making use of our live area, debuted on the 14th of December at ‘Unplugged’. The band started off in October 2015 and have developed noticeably throughout this year.  The current line-up consists of Adam Baldacchino on vocals, Kieran Verzin and Sean Anastasi on guitars, Daniel Camilleri on […]

7 February

‘Electric’ still holding up its place in the charts

Posted in News

Our in-house band Jack’s Fusion which has most recently been introduced into the Maltese music scene, released their first single ‘Electric’ last October. ‘Electric’ was recorded at Jubox Studios and mastered by Daniel Talma. Currently ‘Electric’ is holding its place on the charts as it is still in the top 5 songs after 14 weeks! Jack’s Fusion started out […]

27 January

Ladybird Launched

Posted in News

Gramophone Studios is proud to present Alex Alden’s Ladybird, a project which was initiated last year. Ladybird captures the elements of Alex’s signature sound, while simultaneously showing her versatility, and the final product is a very appealing jazzy pop song that includes haunting vocal melodies and instrumentation alike. Alex, of course, had a great band backing […]

About Gramophone Studios

Nowadays, one doesn’t need to pay through the nose in order to achieve perfect studio quality. In 2013, a few firm believers of this ethos decided to work to deliver a solution to Malta; this solution surfaced through the creation of a new, high-quality, professional recording studio that is able to serve multiple aims. After several months of gruelling labour, the dream was finally accomplished and set in stone. The studio, located in Sliema, was named Gramophone Studios, as a firm tribute to the defining influence of the heritage that set the scene for us to progress forward with this new incentive.

Gramophone Studios’ services are open to anybody interested in making use of them! We at the studio can and will help you meet whatever aim you need fulfilled, whether you merely wish to utilise basic recording services or work on a more holistically produced audio product (which means that we’ll be mixing and mastering your recordings also). While we are obviously equipped to cater to musicians’ needs, we are also more than prepared to help anyone with any kind of audio product. Furthermore, we can even complement that audio with video, too! If, for example, you want to document your recording session, we can definitely help you out with that. The best part? True to our policy, all of our services are offered at extremely reasonable prices! For more information regarding our services and pricing, please browse through the rest of the website.

As people who also want to help individuals develop artistically, we have also taken the decision to make the studio function as a rehearsal room for bands in need of a home. Unfortunately, but inevitably, this depends on schedule space and availability. Although we cannot guarantee that your band will be able to use the studio for practicing, you are always welcome to ask!


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So, how much would we be charging you to make use of our studio? Let us know what you need and we’ll disclose to you the exact price- no rough estimates, no hidden additional fees. We will even set up a meeting with you to be entirely sure that we know want you want to achieve in the studio. You’ll get nothing but the proper cost, which we guarantee will be extremely reasonable.


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