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Following the positive reception of her debut EP, ‘The Curious Child’, Alex Alden will be recording her first single at Gramophone Studios! For those of you not in the know, Alex is a budding singer who has garnered considerable success performing both locally and overseas. Through her enchanting voice, as well as her lyrical prowess and song-writing skills, Alex creates music that is accessible and instantly captivating, yet is far from cliché. While a whole spectrum of influences can be heard in her songs, the final product is still one that is easily distinguishable as being her own.

The song, called ‘Ladybird’, is about a personal encounter Alex had while in the Netherlands.

She told us that she “discovered a nest of ladybirds in a crack in the window one day, and used to watch them emerge one by one in the hopes of finding some warmth within the apartment. They would starkly contrast the empty white walls, like tiny specks of blood, and I became fascinated by them.”

She described the musical textures of the song itself as being delicate, as she intends for the music to reflect the fragility of the creature.

Our studio team is more than eager to help her to fully capture her vision for ‘Ladybird’. Drummer and percussionist Luke Briffa will also feature in the song.

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