17 February

Grotium Debut Gig

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Upcoming rock and heavy metal band Grotium, also making use of our live area, debuted on the 14th of December at ‘Unplugged’. The band started off in October 2015 and have developed noticeably throughout this year.  The current line-up consists of Adam Baldacchino on vocals, Kieran Verzin and Sean Anastasi on guitars, Daniel Camilleri on […]

7 February

‘Electric’ still holding up its place in the charts

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Our in-house band Jack’s Fusion which has most recently been introduced into the Maltese music scene, released their first single ‘Electric’ last October. ‘Electric’ was recorded at Jubox Studios and mastered by Daniel Talma. Currently ‘Electric’ is holding its place on the charts as it is still in the top 5 songs after 14 weeks! Jack’s Fusion started out […]

27 January

Ladybird Launched

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Ladybird Launched

Gramophone Studios is proud to present Alex Alden’s Ladybird, a project which was initiated last year. Ladybird captures the elements of Alex’s signature sound, while simultaneously showing her versatility, and the final product is a very appealing jazzy pop song that includes haunting vocal melodies and instrumentation alike. Alex, of course, had a great band backing […]

28 August

Jack’s Fusion Live Tonight!

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Rookies Bar in Bugibba has been the host of several hundred gigs during its existence, and tonight it will be hosting the début gig of upcoming rock band Jack’s Fusion. Jack’s Fusion is a dear band to us because they use the studio as a rehearsal space, and that means we’ve had the privilege of […]

18 August

Alex Alden Recording New Single

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Following the positive reception of her debut EP, ‘The Curious Child’, Alex Alden will be recording her first single at Gramophone Studios! For those of you not in the know, Alex is a budding singer who has garnered considerable success performing both locally and overseas. Through her enchanting voice, as well as her lyrical prowess […]

13 August

Bass and Guitar Tracking

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Remember that post we left a few weeks ago about the drum tracking that was taking place for a project which is, as of yet, classified? We’re not going to satisfy your curiosity just yet, but since we’re such wonderful, upstanding people, we will disclose that the bass and guitar for the same project will […]

5 July

Drum Tracking Under Way!

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We’re already keeping ourselves busy at the Studio! We’re currently tracking drums for a project, which is…well, it’s a secret for the time being, but we guarantee that you’ll hear about it soon enough; don’t get too curious!  Or do; it’s your call. Keep checking this space for updates!

13 November

Live Room Ready

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Finally all the hard work is starting to pay off as the live room has been completed after 8 months of fighting against all odds. Gramophone Studios would like to thank everyone who helped make this dream a reality.

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