18 August

Alex Alden Recording New Single

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Following the positive reception of her debut EP, ‘The Curious Child’, Alex Alden will be recording her first single at Gramophone Studios! For those of you not in the know, Alex is a budding singer who has garnered considerable success performing both locally and overseas. Through her enchanting voice, as well as her lyrical prowess […]

13 August

Bass and Guitar Tracking

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Remember that post we left a few weeks ago about the drum tracking that was taking place for a project which is, as of yet, classified? We’re not going to satisfy your curiosity just yet, but since we’re such wonderful, upstanding people, we will disclose that the bass and guitar for the same project will […]

5 July

Drum Tracking Under Way!

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We’re already keeping ourselves busy at the Studio! We’re currently tracking drums for a project, which is…well, it’s a secret for the time being, but we guarantee that you’ll hear about it soon enough; don’t get too curious!  Or do; it’s your call. Keep checking this space for updates!

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