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Upcoming rock and heavy metal band Grotium, also making use of our live area, debuted on the 14th of December at ‘Unplugged’.

The band started off in October 2015 and have developed noticeably throughout this year.  The current line-up consists of Adam Baldacchino on vocals, Kieran Verzin and Sean Anastasi on guitars, Daniel Camilleri on bass and Matthew Mallia on drums.

As strange as the band’s name may sound, Mathew Mallia (drummer) came up with it after hearing about the philosopher Grotius. The weirdness and creativity of the name definitely makes the band stand out more as a whole, as it also reflects their musical diversity when it comes to the genres of music they play and listen to.

Grotium are also currently working on original material so make sure to stay tuned!
You can also follow Grotium by Liking their Facebook page!

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